Which Is The Best App To Earn Money Without Investment

Friends, today I will tell you about such an Android app through which you can earn money online sitting at home, that too by just using your mobile phone and that too without any investment. If you are a student or working somewhere, then by saving a little time, you can earn good money through this application, through which you can cover a lot of your expenses and fulfill your hobbies.


This is a very good application on which you can earn income alone without taking help from anyone, that is, you do not have to play games with anyone, nor do you have to give money to anyone, nor do you have to take help from anyone, only if you want. Mobile phone and a little internet connection through which you will be able to earn very good money.

What you have to do inside this app, how to play the game, and how you can send your money to your bank, today we will see and learn the entire process here so that you can also take advantage of it, so without any delay let’s see how your Will have to work here.

Where will the apps be found:

There is a very easy way to download this app, which is that you will have to go to the bottom and find the download button, by clicking on it you will go to the official website of this application and there you will be given complete information about this application, which you can download. You can easily read and get information and you will also be able to download this app from there.

Registration Process:

After opening the application, if you are opening it for the first time, then first of all you have to accept the terms and conditions, after that, you will have to create a new account here for which you will have to click on the sign-in button given below. After that, to create an account here, you will have to give a user name which you can give as per your choice. Below that you have to provide your email ID on which you are always active and your mobile number.

Below that you have to create a password that you will remember and along with this you have to confirm the same password again. And below that you have to give your referral code, which will be fine even if you don’t give it because it is optional. But if you give the referral code, then you will get some bonus while creating the account and those who have come to know about this app will also get some help and then you have to click on the Sign Up button.

Apps Interface Explain:

After completing the registration, you will be given ₹ 10 for free for creating an account here. After this, you will be shown two options, Classic and second is Lite. So let’s talk about what both Classic and Lite are and what is inside them. How and what work will you have to do?

Classic: After clicking on the Classic option, you will get four options, first is Global, second is Friends third is Leader Board and fourth is Computer. Out of these, if you go to the Global option, you will get some random people from the internet with whom you can play the game. And you will have competition with them and that will be the competition of Ludo.

Talking about the second option, friends, here you can add your friends and play Ludo with them, that is, you will be able to compete with your friends in the Ludo game, from which you will be able to earn income.

After this, the third is the leader board where you will be shown the complete list of who has won the most on the Ludo game this week this month, or today. That is, the interface will show here like a leaderboard. Where you can know your ranking in the entire globe. If you play more games here, you will also be shown extra bonuses and you will get different lists of this every day, every week, every month.

Lite: As you know in Ludo you have to take out the piece only then you queen it but this thing is not there in Lite, here you will already know which piece is going to go first and Its process is a little different, so let’s see what you have to follow and how to play.

Even after clicking on the Lite option, here you will see four options such as Global Friends Leaderboard and Computer as was shown to you earlier on the Classic option, in the same way, if we click on Global then inside it you will see Ludo. You have to select one piece and after choosing your amount, continue and your Ludo game will start.

But its system is a little different, where there is no need for you to bring six, all goti will be out, here only the one who has the highest score will win like in the previous one you had to scroll all the way. You will have to do it here in the same manner but all your pieces will start moving from the beginning and the one who finishes first will become the queen.

How To Play Classic Global:

So friends, now let us see how to play the game inside it, so first we go inside the classic option where you are given four options on which we will choose the global option so that we can connect with any random player. So that we can participate in the Ludo game and for this we will use the bonus coins given inside the wallet, so let us continue here with ₹10.

After this, you will be given to choice of the color of your button, and along with this, the amount of bonus you will get on whatever amount of rupees you add here will be shown, like if we add ₹10, we will get ₹18. If we enter this game, then after continuing it, there is no need to do much, you just have to move your Kothi and when six comes, you will have to take out your Kothi and play like you play Ludo game, in the same way, it is very fun. It’s a game.

Along with this, here you also get the option to chat, that is, you can also talk to the person through message, and whoever among the two will finish all his pieces, the one who will be the first to win the prize will do so.

Payment Options:

We have seen how you can earn money by playing games, but let us finally talk about what is its payment system, how will you withdraw money from it or if you want, you can add money inside it, that is, its wallet and payment. What is the process? So whenever you do this, you are given a bonus of ₹10, which shows and works according to the coin and also deducts here.

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For example, you can play games or redeem the ₹10 bonus that will be given to you along with this, if you want to add money separately, then you will be able to add it in four ways here. First is India Bank, second is Airtel, third is on the phone, and fourth is Paytm. This is the method by which you can add or withdraw money from your wallet.

Withdrawal Process:

As we have seen you can earn money by playing games through this application and can earn a good income, so let us now talk about how you can withdraw or transfer money from here to your bank account. Whatever your income, for this, first of all, you have to come to the screen and go back to the same place where you had touched to add money and here you will get the rebellion option on which you can click on your income. You can type the amount and send it to the bank.

Refer And Earn:

Apart from this, you can also earn money by referring your friends to this application. For every friend you refer, you will get ₹ 10 from which you can also play games and can also transfer money to your bank. You will be able to earn a good income without investing any money.

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