Holi Bing Ai Image Prompt 2024 | Holi Ai Image Kaise Banaye

Hello friends, today we will learn how to create an AI Image for the Holi Festival. How to create a profile photo for Holi by using your name and adding your photo, which we can upload on our social media like WhatsApp, Facebook or Instagram.

Holi Ai Image is trending a lot these days and everyone is making Ai images by putting their photo and name. So, if you also want to create a similar Holi image for yourself, then follow the steps given below and you can create your photo by applying whatever prompts I have given that you like.

Steps To How To Make Holi Ai Image

  1. Go to Microsoft Bing AI image
  2. Login or sign up using Gmail
  3. Copy the prompt which you like
  4. Paste on the Bing image generation chat
  5. Change the name as you like
  6. Click to generate and save the image
  7. Go to the face swap
  8. Click the left side Bing AI image generation and upload
  9. Upload your image right side
  10. Click swap face and it’s done.

Prompt: 18 years old boy is standing in the college lobby stage with, Holi color applied on hands, With colours plate. The boy wearing white shirt. with shoes, the name “SURAJ” are written big and capital font on kurti. he is looking so handsome, smiling, happy, indian, realistic collage, Some students and teachers Applying colour to each other in the back side, realistic picture, bluring background, high quality picture, no smoking.

Prompt: Realistic indian 18 year old cute boy Holi special on couple with 16 year beautiful girl in pink lehenga the road with an and name Radhika a holi colour wearing a yellow t-shirt with name “Suraj” write on hoddy After rain and no boys, beautiful lonely picture, pretty girl standing in the rain, so happy Holi picture, profile pic, rainy weather, beautiful realistic photo, ultra realistic picture, rainy day, very beautiful photo, hype realistic photo, it is raining real image.

Prompt: Create a high quality realistic image, lord Krishna and a teenage boy are playing holi with each other, boy is wearing coloured white t-shirt on which his name “Suraj” is written boldly on top, both are smiling, environment is colourful, background is of temple, image should ultra clear, hyper realistic, 4k.

Prompt: Realistic Indian 24 year old cute boy 22 year old beautiful girl wearing Red lehenga and boy standing applying dark green gulal with his hand on the girl’s cheek and people playing holi with each other on the road, boy wearing white t-shirt whose name is “Suraj” as girl name is “shreya” write on it, very happy photo, fully size profile photo, beautiful realistic photo, hyper realistic photo, very beautiful photo, surreal photo.

Prompt: create a high quality realistic 3d image, where a 20 year old smiling boy playing Holi holding watergun and splashing color water enjoying ,wearing white Tshirt on which Name “Suraj” is written in bold letters. In the background, there are many people and children playing Holi with enthusiasm, lord krishna tamples, Holi like environment around, image with 4k resolution, ultra realistic image, the words “Happy Holi” is written with color letters at top sky.

Prompt: A 24-year-old couple is enjoying the festival of Holi against a backdrop of a blue sky in a street. Children can be seen playing nearby, and some uncles are sipping tea at a shop. The boy is wearing a colorful t-shirt with the name “Suraj” on it, and the girl is wearing a colorful t-shirt with the name “shreya” on it. Additionally, there is a Happy Holi inscription at the top and a realistic, high-resolution 3D art artwork

Prompt: Create a realistic image in which, a realistic 18 year old girl with Lord Krishna and Radha are playing Holi with each other, the girl is wearing a colorful white kurta with his name “shreya” written boldly on it, both are smiling The environment is colorful, the background is of a temple, the image is realistic.

Prompt: A loving couple is Holi with water gun and the name of the boy is written on his T-shirt and the name of Suraj is written on the T-shirt of the girl and shreya. is written on it. 3d art painting realistic photo with high resolution.

Prompt: Experience the vibrancy of celebration in this hyper-realistic 4K image. An 18-year-old boy named “Suraj” dances with zest, his name boldly emblazoned on his colorful white t-shirt against a lively black wall adorned with “HAPPY HOLI” in big font. DJ remixes set the mood amidst bursts of vibrant colors in the air and on the floor.

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