iPhone 16 And iPhone 16 Pro Leaks New Design, New Display

In today’s article, the iPhone 16 Pro Leaks new design and new display which you will get information about smartphone coming from Apple, which models are going to come in the iPhone 16 series, along with this, what new things are being included in it. Everyone will know about all the other upgrades that will be made by Apple.

iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus have already been launched in 2023 and now it is the turn of iPhone 16, so what new models are going to come in it as well as what settings and specifications are being included and what technologies. What will be used and what will be developed, all those topics will be discussed here.

Will There Be An iPhone 16 Pro?

As we all know that all the models of iPhone 16 and 16 Plus are the best selling mobiles in India because the price of Pro level model of iPhone is very high and not everyone could buy it, so let us know first. Below are the models of iPhone 16.

iPhone 16 and iPhone 16 Pro Leaks New Design:

Let’s first talk about the display of iPhone 16. Here, four types of displays will be seen in each model of iPhone from starting to pro level. So first the display size of iPhone 16 will be 6.1 inches, and above that it will be 6.3 inches along with the one of iPhone Pro will be 6.7 inches display and at the top i.e. iPhone 16 Pro Max will be 6.9 inches display.

Along with this, if we talk about the next topic, the smoothness of its display i.e. what can be the refresh rate, then a lot of news has come out on this, like earlier, 60 Hz refresh rate screen was given inside the iPhone, but we It can be estimated that two technologies will be used in the iPhone 16 series coming in 2024, one of which we can get like 120 hz refresh rate display or lidar sensor.

Will iPhone 16 Have Different Design?

As you might know, a separate button was given to control volume inside the iPhone 15 Pro series, but a little improvement has been made regarding this button. Here inside the iPhone 16 series, you will be given an action button, that too for camera capture. That means a lot of work will be done on a single button and this is the biggest update till date.

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So let us now see what all are being provided inside the processor of this mobile, like on iPhone 16 and iPhone 16 Plus model, we will not get to see A17 chip like before because the latest technology is being used here. That too with the A18 updated chip which is going to be much more powerful and better than before.

What is the battery capacity of iPhone 16 pro?

A little improvement is being made inside the battery on the upcoming Apple iPhone 16 series from Apple and according to many news, we have come to know that they are very busy regarding the battery to make it more powerful because A18 is being used inside it, a separate action button is also being given, so to give maximum power backup to all of them and so that it can run without any heating problem, its battery is being made stronger.

And with this, we are getting to see a new software inside the iPhone 16 series, that too with iOS 18, which is a new technology till now inside the iPhone and we hope that it will be much better than before. Along with this, its performance is also going to be significantly upgraded.

What Is Special About iPhone 16?

There has been a slight change in the camera setup inside the Apple iPhone 16 series, as earlier we used to see a corner camera setup, but now it has been made straight, that is, the camera will be setup in a vertical position so that its video In order to get some space for the upgrade that is being done on the recording, the size of the mobile has also been increased from before.

If we talk about the camera of iPhone 16, then it is going to remain the same 48 megapixels like the first series because there will be no separate upgrade inside it, but yes, but the sensor and features of this camera will get a little update and change. This is being done so that even better photos can be captured at 48 megapixels.

As I told earlier that the position of the room is being changed a little because a separate sensor is being used inside it, as you might know that 5x zoom technology was used inside Samsung, in the same way it is now used in the iPhone 16 series. But will also be used so that the photo can become more clear.

Is iPhone camera better than Samsung?

If we talk about the display of iPhone 16 mobile, you will get to see only old panels inside it, but some things have been improved inside it like micro lens technology will be used, along with this its brightness will be better than before and also its A little work has been done regarding the power consumption of the battery so that you can get more battery backup and that too with excellent performance.

How many megapixels is the iPhone 16 Pro Max camera?

The biggest update till now is inside the camera of the iPhone, which is like two camera setup has been given on the iPhone 16, so earlier we talked about the 48 megapixel camera but separately and a 48 megapixel camera has been given inside it which is To take wide angle photos, then the thing you need to see is how the 48 megapixel camera works on the wide angle lens.

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Another new thing has been included in the iPhone 16 and that is the inclusion of Wi-Fi 7 technology which will be much better than before.

How big is the screen on the iPhone 16 pro?

So let us now discuss a little about what new things we are seeing inside the iPhone 16 as compared to the iPhone 15, which makes this mobile different from the iPhone 15. So earlier we have seen that the A18 chip is being used inside the iPhone 16, which is a big update.

The second update is that a lot of improvements will be made in the battery inside the iPhone 16, along with this, its heating problem, its power consumption and its load capacity are being further improved so that the same problem does not have to be faced again on the iPhone 16. Which we got from the user inside iPhone 15.

What processor is in the iPhone 16 pro?

Inside the iPhone 16, we will get to see 5 Gen Snapdragon X75 processor, that too with iOS 18 technology, along with that the compatibility has also been used inside it and all these together, its performance is going to be much better and better.

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