How To Update Android Application In Google Play Store

Introduction :

Hello everyone today I will tell you how to update any Android application from Google Play store in 2021. So here I will discuss all the points and steps to update any application easily and you can update also your default Android apps which are already installed in your smartphone.

Because here are provide from Android some important settings apps which are needed to perform properly in your smartphone and it could help to perform better for any mobile. So you should update all default smartphone app and also the other apps which are you installed from Play Store.

So now today I will talk about how you can update apps and also games also I will provide some important setting which are available on Google Play Store. And definitely you need to check all the settings before using any smartphone because this settings are very important to know otherwise if you turn on your internet then automatically it was consume internet data and your smartphone are slowly work.

How To Update Android Application :

So now let’s talk about how to update Android apps so just you need to open Google Play Store app and click on top right side corner where are show your profile which are logged in mandatory with any email id and then click on manage apps and devices option.

After that you can see two options in top position which is Overview and the second one are Manage. So just you need to click on overview option and here you can see the second option are updates available and also shown the count of applications which are need to update this time. After that below are also update all and see details button are added for quick action to update your all application in one click also you can see the details of update apps.

So you need to click on update all or you can enter this list and you can update one by one as your choice of installed applications. Also in the list are available update all button. If you want to uninstall any application then you can easily uninstall it from here.

How To Turn Off Auto-update Apps In Play Store :

Now let’s talk about how to turn off or deactivate the auto update apps system in Google Play Store. Basically it was save the internet data and save storage data of your mobile. Which are consume after update all the application of your smartphone. And it can help to slow down of your mobile performance but you can turn off this auto update feature and you can update any apps manually.

So just you need to click on setting button. Now here are option network preferences so just click on it and you can see auto update apps and auto play video option so just one by one you need to click on both option and select do not auto update option and for second option do not autoplay videos.

Now after that save it and you can relax and use the internet without any background data consuming process it can save your Internet data and also you can update your all Android apps manually to another time when you think or you need to update any app easily.

That’s all my friends thank you so much for today I will definitely come again in the next one article with new technology ideas and knowledges.

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