How To Stop Video Ads In Android

Introduction :

Hello everyone if you want to stop all types of ads from video in android mobile then you can use this amazing Android mobile tricks to stop ads.

This is very easy tricks to stop every ads from your mobile like website and any apps or all types of pop up ads from mobile which are disturbing us.

After this tricks you cannot get any ads from video and it is work like speed up your ads or automatic skip all the ads and you can watch ads free videos.

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Requirement :

To apply this setting you have require some items like your mobile phone and good internet connection to work perfectly.

After that you can set up all the settings and it is connected through internet so just you have a better quality and functions.

Now you have to install an Apps to set up this mobile trick in your phone and I have provided the app link below in the download button so just install it and follow the process.

Procedure :

The first step are click on the download button to install this apps and you are redirect on Play Store just install and open it.

Then accept all the required permissions to work perfectly and you can see many type of options and guidance instructions so you can read easily and learn it.

Now you can close this app and when are watch any videos from your mobile and this time if any ads are showing then it’s automatically skip within milliseconds.

You cannot see any types of ads after using this app so definitely you should try this amazing app for mobile which is very useful.


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