How To Activate Developer Option In Android

Introduction :

Hello everyone today I will tell you what is developer option and how you can use it in your smartphone. So here I will tell about all the developer option features and how you can turn on and open this options in your mobile.

Developer option is one of the amazing and advanced features which are available on Android mobile. You can use this developer option features turn on or activate many type of advanced settings and options.

How To Turn On Developer Option :

To turn on developer option in your Android smartphone just you need to open your mobile settings and scroll up the screen. And the bottom side you can see About Phone, just click on it and you need to find out Android Version option or Build Number option.

Just click on the Android version or build number for seven times continuously and you have received a prompt message on mobile screen to show activated your developer option in your smartphone. Now you can operate or control or open your developer options to customise all the advance settings of your mobile.

How To Open Developer Option :

To open developer option in mobile setting just click on advanced setting after scroll up of your screen and you can see advanced features or system options. Just you need to click on this option and you can see developer options folder and just click on it.

Now here you can see many type of advanced settings in developer option which are not available in any other settings and the maximum level of your smartphone capability options are available is here. You can easily find any advanced option and turn on the setting to use advanced options in any where in your smartphone.

Benefit Of Developer Option In Android :

There are also available many type of default theme control centre for control the timing of your mobile screen animation app drawer and many type of control buttons. You can easily change the mobile Theme setting or any icons layout.

Also here you can control all the permissions of your smartphone and safe your mobile from lost you can easily setting for safety of your smartphone for future.

So definitely you should try this amazing Android setting today because it can help you to save your smartphone and manage your mobile completely and maximize your mobile performance also all the options themes and programs.

That’s all my dear friends thank you so much for today definitely I will catch you in the next one.

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